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How Money Power controls the Libertarian movement in the 21st century

October 8, 2012

William Rees-Mogg, the fascist British Lord who pulls the strings behind most of the Libertarian movement and “hard money” community

In a series of articles earlier this year, Anthony Migchels and I exposed how Libertarianism and Austrian economics were sponsored by the elites as a dialectical counterpart to Communism during the 20th century. See especially:

Old Rothschild- and Rockefeller hands controlled the Libertarian-Communist dialectic

How the Money Power spawns Libertarians

The sad truth is that not much has changed during the last 60 years. We already know that Ron Paul is backed by billionaire Peter Thiel, a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg group.

But what few people realize is that the entire Libertarian movement is still controlled by a handful of individuals who are directly connected to the highest elite circles, including the Rothschild dynasty. In this article, we will shed more light on these connections and expose the elites’ control of the Libertarian movement in the 21st century.

The Agora Empire

As documented in The Daily Bell Hoax?, blogger (and libertarian sympathizer) Lila Rajiva recently revealed that Ron Paul had a longtime partnership with James Dale Davidson, founder (with Lord William Rees-Mogg) of the financial conglomerate Agora Inc. Through the Agora network, Davidson, Rees-Mogg, and executives Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin control most of the “hard-money” investment newsletters and “free-market” websites in the West, most of them ferociously pro-Paul.

These outlets include: Anthony Wile’s Daily Bell, Bonner’s Daily Reckoning, Doug Casey’s International Speculator, Gary North’s Remnant Review, The Oxford Club, Whiskey & Gunpowder, Laissez-faire Books, a leading libertarian bookseller, and a slew of other “alternative media” websites. It is no exaggeration to say that Agora controls most of the Libertarian material published in the West.

Rajiva’s revelations are important because they blow apart the myth of the “Ron Paul revolution” as a grassroots movement, and confirm Paul’s close ties with elite globalist financial concerns. In fact, Lyndon Larouche’s Executive Intelligence Review (cited by Rajiva) implied a direct link between Libertarian circles and the Rockefeller and Rothschild, the very elites whose domination they claim to abhor!

Libertarians, “hard-money” investors and power elites: an enduring partnership

 Although Davidson and Rees-Mogg apparently promote pseudo-libertarian solutions and “free-market” thinking, both are bona fide members of the highest elite circles. Davidson was likely a Rhodes scholar (although he does not publicize this information), a leading indicator of acceptance into elite British circles.

His partner Rees-Mogg was a longtime editor of the Times and a member of the governing council of the BBC. He is a member of the very select Roxburghe Club and apparently has ties to the Pilgrims Society. He also belongs to The Other Club, together with British and Zionist aristocrats such as the Cecils, Howards, Cavendishes, Rothschilds, and Oppenheimers. Rees-Mogg is also on the board of Rothschild’s St. James Place Capital.

Rees-Mogg and Davidson apparently work in tandem with mainstream British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, whose father was a military intelligence officer and who has long been suspected of being an intelligence asset himself. It is surely no accident that Evans-Pritchard, known for his anti-Clinton crusade and hard-money sympathies, is one of the few mainstream journalists frequently cited by Wile’s Daily Bell, but very few readers would suspect that they are essentially partners.

Although Rees-Mogg is associated with the Libertarian movement, he would be more accurately described as a fascist. In an article entitled “It’s the Elites Who Matter”, published in the Times in January 1995, Rees-Mogg publicly called for limiting education to the top 5% of the population, creating an elite that would be ideally positioned to dominate the remaining 95% of the people after Rees-Mogg’s so-called “Information Revolution” would bring in a feudalist dystopia.

Soon after Davidson and Rees-Mogg published The Sovereign Individual in 1997, they founded the Sovereign Society, another Agora offshoot. Besides Davidson and Rees-Mogg, the Board of Advisors of the Sovereign Society has included over the years some of the best-known names in the “hard money” community, such as Doug Casey (a classmate of future president Clinton in Jesuit hotbed Georgetown University), CIA asset Mark Skousen (son of a FBI agent and nephew of J. Edgar Hoover’s assistant Cleon Skousen), perennial libertarian candidate Harry Browne, the Aden Sisters (Pamela and Mary-Ann), and Daily Bell advisor Ron Holland.

Casey also founded the Eris Society, a group of “free thinkers” who meet annually. Among the past speakers at Eris Society meetings, we find the names of Ron Paul, Skousen, Browne, Davidson, “Uncle” Richard Maybury, and investor Jim Rogers. Already in 1994, Casey, Davidson, and Skousen were collaborating on a presentation about “ERIS Island”, indicating that their partnership predates the foundation of the Sovereign Society.

Another Agora spin-off is the FreedomFest, the “world’s largest gathering of free minds”. While FreedomFest claims to be independent and “not affiliated with any organization or think-tank”, we find that it is coordinated by Skousen and Holland’s wife Tami, and that speakers associated with Agora are regularly invited. Perhaps surprisingly, Bilderberger Peter Thiel was featured as a keynote speaker in 2011.

Of course, the old Libertarian networks centered around the Volker fund that we exposed in Old Rothschild- and Rockefeller hands controlled the Libertarian-Communist dialectic  are still active: thus, Gary North, a Volker protégé, retains an enormous influence in Austrian economics. More interestingly, alumni of the Libertarian think-tanks sponsored by the Volker fund and its affiliates are often found working together with the “new generation” of Agora-associated hard-money investors.

For instance, academics Richard Ebeling, past director of the Foundation for Economic Education, and Tibor Machan, a scholar of the Institute for Humane Studies, are advisors for the Daily Bell. Together with Lew Rockwell, director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, they also sit on the advisory board of Ron Holland’s Biologix Hair Inc., a company that claims to have developed a therapy for hair rejuvenation.

Only one degree of separation between Rothschild and the Daily Bell

 The Daily Bell is a prime example of these apparently independent libertarian outlets that are in fact closely associated with the highest elite circles. The Bell, which earlier this year had to close its comments section in the face of an onslaught of negative criticism, is well-known for its staunch support of Ron Paul, strident goldbug mindset, stubborn advocacy of Austrian faux economics, and more recently for its vociferous condemnation of anti-interest activists.

Not only is Ron Holland, senior editor at the Daily Bell, a longtime associate of Rees-Mogg and Davidson, but so was perennial libertarian candidate Harry Browne, with whom Daily Bell founder Anthony Wile worked for several years.

More importantly, Davidson and Rees-Mogg were once shareholders in Lines Overseas Management (LOM), the Bahamas off-shore company implicated in a stock manipulation affair for which Wile, along with other shady entrepreneurs, was in litigation with the SEC for most of the last decade. Interestingly, the late Bob Chapman was also named in the same SEC probe, raising serious doubts about Chapman’s International Forecaster as well.

In fact, Davidson and Rees-Mogg blatantly promoted LOM in The Sovereign Individual, citing the “triple-digit returns” of their “colleagues” at LOM (p. 298), and advising their readers to contact LOM for investment of “sums in excess of $100,000” (p.403). This indicates that Wile was already involved in a close business partnership with Davidson and Rees-Mogg in the late 1990s, an association that is likely to have lasted much longer given Wile’s longstanding partnerships with Browne and Holland, both advisors at the Sovereign Society.

Considering that Rees-Mogg is an advisor to Rothschild, we can say that there is essentially only one degree of separation between Rothschild and the Daily Bell. How ironic given the Daily Bell’s endless posturing as a free-market publication that aims to “expose the power elite and their societal manipulations”.

But there is more to the story. In The Daily Bell Hoax?, I revealed the existence of a business partnership between the Daily Bell and gold mining concern Dicon Gold Inc., whose main assets are located in Colombia. At the same time, Kathleen Peddicord, founder of the Agora-affiliated “Live and Invest Overseas” publishing group and a member of the Board of Advisors of the Sovereign Society, was recently promoting Colombia, and especially Medellin, as a “screaming bargain” for real estate.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Daily Bell recently started praising former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe’s pro-business administration, although Uribe was once listed by the Defense Intelligence Agency as an “important Colombian narco-trafficker” and “a close personal friend of Pablo Escobar”. It is difficult to imagine that the well-informed editors of the Daily Bell would not have been aware of this fact. I will leave it to the reader to connect the dots…


 Although the names have changed, the cozy relationship between the top Money Power elites and the Libertarian movement has remained essentially the same for the better part of a century, if not longer. This connection must be relentlessly exposed because Libertarian “alternative media” outlets and “hard money” entrepreneurs continually promote their views as being “pro-freedom” and “anti-elite”, in contrast to the mainstream “statist” message, whereas they have in fact always been part of a centuries-old Hegelian dialectic which is entirely controlled by the same transnational oligarchy. We must recognize these gatekeepers for what they are and look beyond their phony posturing if we want to find real solutions to the economic and political issues that our society is facing.

 Special thanks to reader Bob whose comments (here and here) sparked this investigation

h/t to Faux Capitalist for pointing out Chapman’s involvement with Lines Overseas Management


The Daily Bell Hoax?

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  1. October 8, 2012 11:17 am

    You just know that all the Paulbots and anarcho capitalists will shrug all this off as conspiracy theory crackpotery. I’ll bet a pot of gold on it.

    Not all libertarians are connected to the financial oligarchs. Bill Still is aware of all that you wrote about and rejects all the aspects of libertarian and austrian economic thought that binds one within the dialectic of debt slavery. He is an advocate of decentralized monetary policy involving debt free fiat issued by a national bank, and controlled at the state level. It’s also why he didn’t get the nomination from the libertarian party. Johnson took money from the banks while a republican canidate, and is their apologist as a libetarian.

    • October 9, 2012 5:44 pm

      Bill Sill is not a libertarian. The only reason he got involved in that party is that he fancied controlling the party structure. he failed miserably and now finally is starting to build up his own. Which he should.

      Libertarianism is just gold porn and anarchy for Jewish people and upper middle class americans.

  2. October 8, 2012 12:10 pm

    So even though the libertarians are against central banking( The federal reserve). How do they promote monopoly and social division?

  3. October 8, 2012 12:59 pm

    Reblogged this on Recovering Austrians.

  4. October 8, 2012 11:23 pm

    >>>>William Rees-Mogg, the fascist British Lord who pulls the strings behind most of the Libertarian movement and ‘hard money’ community

    Fascist, like Ezra Pound ? –you could only wish

    Is the Lizzard of Oz still a presidential candidate for this Libertarian Party ?

    • October 9, 2012 5:45 pm

      I think our friend memehunter has actual negative connotations with fascism name789, hahahaha

  5. October 9, 2012 2:52 am

    Not so much conspiracy theory crackpottery, but rather biased in the direction of invalid associative reasoning. A psychotic murderer-rapist who enjoys regular exercise and eating healthy isn’t going to make me get fat and lazy. How about you?

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 9, 2012 4:03 am

      Austrian faux economics isn’t “healthy”… See Real Currencies for more on this.

      The point is that the Libertarian movement is ultimately controlled by the same elites who control the mainstream “statist” media. This should make you stop and think, no?

      If you want more “theory-based” reasoning, you may have a look at this:
      Analyzing Austrian economics memes: Who benefits from the anarcho-capitalist utopia?

      Or, better, you could peruse the abundant material already published on this topic on Real Currencies or on Recovering Austrians.

    • marxbites permalink
      October 9, 2012 3:12 pm

      Thats 100% correct Dave.

      IF these bohunks EVER actually read any Rothbard they’d see Austrians are 100% opposed to concentrated power and ESPECIALLY that of these globalist shylock parasitic bloody-handed pigs.

      Here’s a PERFECT EXAMPLE!

      I’m beginning to believe these are really just controlled opposition here. They ONLY know what the critics say of Austrian econs, and NOTHING of what they have ACTUALLY written.

      Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy
      by Murray N. Rothbard

      Businessmen or manufacturers can either be genuine free enterprisers or statists; they can either make their way on the free market or seek special government favors and privileges. They choose according to their individual preferences and values. But bankers are inherently inclined toward statism.

      Commercial bankers, engaged as they are in unsound fractional reserve credit, are, in the free market, always teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Hence they are always reaching for government aid and bailout.

      Investment bankers do much of their business underwriting government bonds, in the United States and abroad. Therefore, they have a vested interest in promoting deficits and in forcing taxpayers to redeem government debt. Both sets of bankers, then, tend to be tied in with government policy, and try to influence and control government actions in domestic and foreign affairs.

      [Edited for brevity]

      cont at

      Lets see just ONE of you read this and show us where in the hell Rothbard is on the side of power elite scumbags, I freakin dare ya’s.

    • Abu Aardvark permalink
      October 9, 2012 3:56 pm

      marxbites wrote: “IF these bohunks EVER actually read any Rothbard they’d see Austrians are 100% opposed to concentrated power and ESPECIALLY that of these globalist shylock parasitic bloody-handed pigs.
      Here’s a PERFECT EXAMPLE!
      I’m beginning to believe these are really just controlled opposition here. They ONLY know what the critics say of Austrian econs, and NOTHING of what they have ACTUALLY written.”


      Spot-on, marxbites! Some months ago in the feedback-section of the Daily Bell – after his hogwash was refuted again and again [Although Abu has difficulties admitting this, the Daily Bell has not been able to refute what Anthony Migchels and I have shown in our series of articles on Libertarianism]– “memehunter” felt constrained to admit that he hasn’t even read the most basic austrian textbooks [Actually, I have read a fair amount of Austrian literature in the last year, as should be obvious from the articles published on the Daily Knell and on Real Currencies. Besides, one does not need to read hundreds of pages from Mises and Hayek to understand where they come from].

  6. BMan permalink
    October 9, 2012 10:44 am

    Reblogged this on BuelahMan's Revolt and commented:
    The Big Money connections to Ron Paul and Libertarianism Explained:

  7. MetaCynic permalink
    October 9, 2012 2:53 pm

    As a real test of your claim that the libertarian movement was financed by and is still controlled by the mega wealthy, what have Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, Bill Bonner, Lew Rockwell, Gary North and Anthony Wile ever said or written that would give the Power Elite any comfort? These decentralist libertarians are either all free market anarchists or borderline free market anarchists. The Power Elite by definition are mercantilist, pro state centralizers, laboring mightily for a one world government supported by a global fiat currency. How is spreading the libertarian decentralist message advancing the one world government championed by the Power Elite?

    At the core of their anti state, pro individual liberty philosophy, the above gentlemen have repeatedly called for the repeal of legal tender laws, thus allowing for competing private currencies which would must likely be gold and silver backed. Such a monetary system would be the spike through the heart of the Power Elite’s hold on power – central banking. The anti central banking message is now resonating around the world. People everywhere are beginning to understand that the destructive economic boom and bust cycles are caused by central banking’s credit creation activities. And central banking everywhere is a government created and supported monopoly. Why would the Power elite fund the individuals calling for the elimination of their real hold on power? Are they suicidal?

    It’s no secret that both Obama and Romney have received millions in campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs and other Power Elite financial powerhouses. How much money had these Power Elite icons donated to Ron Paul’s campaigns? Zero.

    • October 9, 2012 5:54 pm

      “what have Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, Bill Bonner, Lew Rockwell, Gary North and Anthony Wile ever said or written that would give the Power Elite any comfort?”

      Uhhhh….how about:
      use Gold to stop the boom bust cycle (which it will not) while ignoring that the gold is controlled by these goons they supposedly resist. So the nations will have to BORROW the gold at INTEREST, continuing the wealth transfer of 5 to 10 trillion per year in interest in real terms.

      Meanwhile, blathering about that wicked state, while ignoring the monopolistic tendencies of capital (‘competition is sin’, or ‘capital needs monopolies to cooperate untrammeled’). Or, of course, downplaying or ignoring Money Power as even a worse scourge than statist tyranny.

      Did I forget anything? Ah, yes, I think I did. It transpires that Rees Mogg, ex editor of the Times, and ex governing council of the BBC member (how mainstream do you actually wanna get?) is just the umpteenth in a long line of elitist assholes running Libertarianism and indeed building it up from scratch.

      Only the feeble minded watch Rothbard scolding banks, while promoting Gold, the same gold that the maranos of the Amsterdam Wisschelbank controlled to create modern Capitalism…………….

      Oh, oh, oh…….How long will we have to deal with this nonsense, while so much more challenging, enjoyable, nurturing, pleasant and faith inspiring subjects are there to be explored.

      But like the opposition explained: ‘the American People don’t read! they just don’t read!’
      Next, I’ll have to repeat myself once more to the next that just doesn’t read. Let alone thinks for himself……..

    • MetaCynic permalink
      October 9, 2012 9:29 pm

      The beauty of private money, as is the beauty of private anything, is that you are free to accept or reject it for any or no reason at all. If you really believe that commodity money backed by gold or silver is evil, then you are free to not deal in it. Unless you live in self sufficiency and have no use for the division of labor, then you are forced by the reality of your circumstances to come to grips with the concept of money.

      What is money? What is it not? Why bother with money at all? What properties must money possess for you to accept it? I think that some thought on this matter will force you to conclude that money is a store of value and a unit of value and that it must be portable. It must also be scarce and have value apart from and prior to its use as money. Paper money is portable and a unit of value, but since it can be almost infinitely expanded, it’s not at all a good store of value. Politicians and central bankers have repeatedly demonstrated their unwillingness to restrain credit creation – inflation. And why should they? Inflation is a tax, a transfer of wealth from savers and wealth creators to the pockets of politicians, bureaucrats, bankers and corporations doing business with the government. What’s there in fiat money for these players not to like? But they have a visceral hatred of gold because it restrains government spending to whatever the political caste can steal through taxes before there’s a taxpayers’ revolt.

      The last thirty years prior to 1913, the birth of the Federal Reserve system, the gold dollar saw its purchasing power increase about 25%. In the almost century since then, the fiat dollar has seen its value erode about 96%. I’ll go for the gold. You’re welcome to the paper. If the Treasury still has any of the gold that Roosevelt stole from the American people, then it should be exchanged at some fixed rate for all of what passes for fiat dollars today and the government should then get out of the money business.

      Libertarian thinkers have performed a useful service to mankind in educating people to the true nature of central banking. I think that if you look behind the scenes into the “monopolistic nature of capitalism” you’ll find that none of this monopoly power is possible without the gun of the state. It all happened because of coercion masquerading as protecting people against this, that and the other. The entire regulatory apparatus of the state from the earliest days of the Progressive Era was in service to politically connected businesses. To this day regulations are a barrier to entry. It protects established businesses against competition from smaller, nimbler rivals.

      Free market capitalism is almost nonexistent in today’s world. So how can all kinds of modern evils be blamed on it? The powers that be everywhere favor crony capitalism – mercantilism – a partnership between the gun of the state and private interests who would rather not compete in the rugged world of free market capitalism. They want their market share and profits to be guaranteed by guns and badges and not to superior products and services for willing buyers.

    • saturno_v permalink
      October 12, 2012 9:44 pm

      Anthony, your claims are so ridiculous, they really go well beyond funny (the entire blog is)….you must live in some sort of parallel universe..

      Tell me how it would favour the elite following these concepts:

      – Free competing currencies. Austrians suggest the free will of people would converge on gold.

      [See: ]

      – Full reserve banking system (so no bubble to blow)

      – No central bank…meaning no money supply to manipulate or control.

      – Living within your means, balanced budgets (no wars to wage, no voters to buy), limited state borrowing should be allowed for productivity enhancing infrastruture projects…….you want social programs, fine, ask for them in the honest way, explicit taxation.

      – No bailout for insolvent insistutions

      – No industry subsidies

      – If you go bankrupt, no shackling, just hitting reset…meaning instant transfer of wealth from lender to borrower.

      [See: Analyzing Austrian economics memes: Who benefits from the anarcho-capitalist utopia?]

      After you report back with these answers then investigate how much “elite money” are used to finance Austrian/Libertarian economic studies….I have an answer for you…..a big fat zero or about that much…….how much traction these ideas have in the corridors of power?? Again zero…like someone already said before, how much “elite” financing the Ron Paul campaign got?? Answer for yourself to this one….

      [See: How the Money Power created Libertarianism and Austrian Economics, How the Money Power spawns Libertarians, Old Rothschild- and Rockefeller hands controlled the Libertarian-Communist dialectic for a start]

      Then do your homework finding the money source behind many economic studies of more accepted mainstream economic school of thoughts and their mandarins… will find a lot of interesting info…

      [What makes you think that we endorse ‘mainstream economic school(s) of thoughts’? The goal of this blog is to expose libertarian lies because they are everywhere in the alternative media. That does not mean we endorse mainstream thinking. You are obviously still imprisoned in the elite’s Hegelian dialectic that we have identified on this blog.]

      Do I believe that if the libertarian ideas grow in strength, some group would try to hijack it for their own advantage?? Or someone trying to establish devious strands?? Absolutely….

      [The libertarian ideas were not hijacked, they were an elite promotion from the beginning. See: The “Catholic” Arm of Libertarianism and of course The Satanic Core of Libertarianism]

      Finally use your guts….who is benefitting from the current system….the masses?? Does it pass the smell test??

      [The point is, the same people who are benefitting from the current system would benefit from the libertarian anarcho-capitalist utopia. Are YOU beginning to get it?]

      I leave you with few powerful famous quotes that should clear your confused mind a little bit….


      “I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies…”

      Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President.
      To John Taylor, 1816

      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”

      Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 -1812), Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe

      “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

      Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) London financier, one of the founders of the international Rothschild banking dynasty

      “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again.
      However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in.
      But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and control credit.”

      Sir Josiah Stamp (1880-1941) President of the Bank of England in the 1920’s, the second richest man in Britain.
      Speaking at the Commencement Address of the University of Texas in 1927

      “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value….zero.”

      François-Marie Arouet (1694-1778) French writer and philosopher known with the pseudonym of Voltaire

      [What makes you think that we have not seen these quotes a thousand times previously?]

    • Degrees of Separation Man permalink
      October 13, 2012 12:45 am

      You clearly don’t understand the power that Fiat Money lends to governments & banks. Gold cannot be printed, and works poorly in a fractionally reserved system. Nearly every single bank in the world would have collapsed in 2008, and every government would have defaulted were it not for central banking’s ability to hit CTRL+P.

      You seem to think interest on a gold backed currency is bad, yet you completely ignore that people still pay interest on fiat. Furthermore, you ignore that fiat is subject to debasement at will through fractional reserve policy and central bank printing.

      Do you want to pay interest on a stable money that encourages prudence and restraint, or would you rather pay interest on a depreciating meidum that you WILL NEVER catch up to?

      [Please do not use a different alias – you posted under a different name previously.]

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 13, 2012 5:47 am

      We do not endorse interest on any type of currency. Where do you get the idea that we “ignore that people still pay interest on fiat”? Maybe you should read this blog and Real Currencies.

      Exposing libertarian lies for what they are does not mean that we endorse “central bank printing”. The fact that we continually have to repeat this just shows how powerful is the elite’s Hegelian dialectic: many readers apparently cannot seem to understand that one can denounce libertarian lies and Austrian faux economics and yet not endorse the mainstream economic views. We do not spend much time on “fiat” or “central bank printing” on this blog because this is what 90% of alternative media constantly repeat ad nauseam (and many of them are controlled by Money Power in one way or another). There is no need for another blog repeating this. Again, you are welcome to browse our links: Real Currencies, Recovering Austrians, Faux Capitalist, etc…

      As discussed on this blog, physical gold (not “paper gold” or any other form of gold-backed currency which will also likely lead to excessive and dishonest printing of paper compared to the actual metal reserves) may be useful as a long-term store of value, but not that useful as a medium of exchange.

    • saturno_v permalink
      October 13, 2012 10:42 pm


      This is a MSNBC video with a Ron Paul intervention where he clearly states that fractional reserve banking is a fraud (got at min. 7:45)

      Another video of Ron Paul at a congressional hearing about fractional reserve banking.

      This should put to rest any fantasy about Ron Paul being a vehicle of the power elite…..

      So try again guys…..

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 14, 2012 5:36 am

      What about this video of Ron Paul saying that there is nothing to fear from a global currency:

      You should also probably read the following, this should put to rest any fantasy about Ron Paul NOT being a vehicle of the power elite:

    • saturno_v permalink
      October 14, 2012 6:40 pm

      Yes, there is nothing to fear from a global currency (gold) not manipulable and not fractionally loanable and TRUE free trade without the intervention and coercion of the WTO. IMF (where elitist interests dictate policy)… seems to me the antithesis of elite interests.
      Gold would be a global currency simply because the free will people would gravitate towards the “barbarous relic” (see Gresham’s law) as it has always been the case for millenias…

    • saturno_v permalink
      October 14, 2012 7:03 pm

      About that link on libertyrevival “Ron Paul supports globalization”…oh boy, where I do start with the debunking……that piece is like taking facts and turning them over their head….”The Gold Standard caused the great depression???” Really??, We conveninently forget what happened in the 20’s and the massive amount of fraud and fractional debt creation……why nobody mention the depression of 1921 where the government did exactly NOTHING an the economy roared back in short time???
      The Gold standard caused the collapse of the Roman Empire?? That is laughable at best, devaluation was the order of the day (coin clipping anyone??)…..what about the Byzantine empire which was the most prosperous during te dark ages, a real “heaven island” compared to the darkness in the rest of Europe….their formula?? The Gold standard….
      Ron Paul promotes deregulation not unbridled frauds as the derivative and fractional reserve are, backed by the taxpayer if things go wrong….under Ron Paul scenario, many global banks would have gone under in the crisis of 2008.
      Deflation is bad?? So I guess the entire electronic industry should not exists…
      What do you guys promope?? The continental?? the greenback?? MMT?? Really?? I have few trillions of Zimbabwe dollars to donate to this blog…..
      Do I believe that some powerful interests try to put their hands in every competing ideas with the goal of protecting their own interests?? Absolutely…..if someone propose libertarian ideas and Austrian economics AND fractional reserve banking I know that I have to walk away….

  8. marxbites permalink
    October 9, 2012 3:32 pm

    IOWs you anti-libertarians are therefore anti-freedom, b/c libertarians ARE 100% PRO-freedom and anti-statist.

    • October 9, 2012 5:56 pm

      pro freedom and anti statist?

      Are you serious marxbites? Why are you regurgitating these grandiose containers aimed at the absolute lowest denominators of the libertarian cattle?

      You’re a smart guy. At least use your own words.

  9. Abu Aardvark permalink
    October 10, 2012 9:26 am

    memehunter: “Abu has difficulties admitting this, the Daily Bell has not been able to refute what Anthony Migchels and I have shown in our series of articles on Libertarianism”

    AA: Since you refute, contradict and negate yourself in nearly every paragraph there’s no need to bother. THAT’S what you’ve “shown” … impressively, that is.

    memehunter: “Actually, I have read a fair amount of Austrian literature in the last year, as should be obvious from the articles published on the Daily Knell and on Real Currencies”

    AA: Once more it’s exactly the other way round. Your “articles” confound your claims time and again. Since you demonstrated this peculiar “technique” in the Bell’s feedbacks ad nauseam this comes as no surprise.

    [Do you have anything to say about the article itself? Can you effectively rebut any part of it?]

  10. October 11, 2012 2:21 am

    Cato’s famous drug legalization study busted here:

  11. October 11, 2012 5:51 am

    Watch Ron Paul’s eyebrow fall off.

    [We post this for the purpose of discussion but do not necessarily endorse WellAware1’s theories]

  12. October 11, 2012 7:51 pm

    Been studying the Jesuits for 31 years. explains a lot of this. More to follow. . . .

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 11, 2012 8:31 pm

      Thank you. Interesting blog, looking forward to your follow-up posts.

      As you probably know, the Jesuits are also behind the Libertarian-Communist dialectic. We discussed this in The “Catholic” Arm of Libertarianism.

  13. October 11, 2012 10:54 pm

    The Church of Scientology is known to fund libertarian and truther activists.

  14. October 12, 2012 6:37 pm

    Interesting post, thanks for your effort. Ron Paul supports Bitcoin as a competing currency. I’m of the opinion that people can be associated with others without realising that might not be such a good idea. I’m also of the opinion that many of our politicians are doing evil, but they don’t see the big picture of what they are doing. EG, imagine a politician agreeing to support a Bill in return for funding for a community project. The Bill gets passed and the politician gets his community project, he thinks he’s done a good job for his community.
    Most politicians are too busy being politicians, they are much less informed about the big picture than a lot of us bloggers and researchers are.

  15. October 13, 2012 12:18 am

    Why do you guys in here keep pounding on that nearly dead horse called
    Western Society, consisting of Western culture, economy, science and
    industries? It makes me puke. When the horse is dead, your Western asses
    will be sold to the highest bidder from China, Russia or some other
    fat far-east Asia aristocrat.

  16. Degrees of Separation Man permalink
    October 13, 2012 12:36 am

    Ron Paul has spoken with, vote on the same legislation as, and even Nancy Pelosi & Ted Kennedy. Both Ted Kennedy & Nancy Pelosi supported the bank bailouts and universal communist healthcare. Therefore, Ron Paul is actually a bank enabling Communist! Gaaaah! Don’t trust what he says or does, look at who you can associate with him! Run for the hills!

    [We would recommend not to trust politicians in general]

  17. October 13, 2012 5:59 am

    If I’m being controlled by the money power, all I want to know is where’s my cut? I spent years in the O.T.O waiting for my chance to pull the strings from behind the curtain. That didn’t work either. I just keep picking the losing side. Maybe I should start voting again. I’m sure that will solve everything.

  18. October 13, 2012 7:10 am

    You guys are missing the point here and simply concentrating on the symptoms, i.e. those minions of the powers that be controlling our world.

    No one wants to admit it, but the Jesuits have been in power for hundreds of years: Destroying Humanity Since 1541. (blog: who really runs We The People’s world and how) (book: Who Really Owns Your Gold)

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 13, 2012 10:03 am

      Not sure whether the “you guys” in your comment refers to the readers of this blog or to its authors, but we replied this to your previous comment:

      As you probably know, the Jesuits are also behind the Libertarian-Communist dialectic. We discussed this in The “Catholic” Arm of Libertarianism.

      So clearly we are aware of the Jesuits’ power, although your blog and your book explore this topic in much greater depth.

  19. October 13, 2012 10:17 am

    Please forgive me: I did not wish to be mean in my comment. Thank you for your kind attention.

  20. October 13, 2012 12:03 pm

    Interestingly, the Jesuits use celestiophysics to run geoeconomic markets. It’s based on thousands-year-old physics of the planets [and other “heavenly bodies.”], our sun and moon and how that physics affects geophysical and biophysical events on Mother Earth.

    Everything runs in cycles. Everything.

    If you study the geoeconomic events of the past 250 years, you’ll see striking correlations between celestiophysical events (cycles) and subsequent geoeconomic cycles here on earth.

    While there is a time lag between the “cause” way out there in the Universe and the effect on earth, there is a definite behavior that cannot be ignored.

    Anyone who purports to use “Austrian Economics” or any other form of econ to describe the geoeconomic events on earth is only dealing in the symptoms, not the real “cause.” I place cause in parentheses because as we peel back the layers of this mysterious calculus, we keep finding more and more “causes.”

    Nonetheless, celestiophysics is well known to the Jesuits. It’s the underlying mechanism of the first science on earth, Astrology, which was marginalized by the powers that be, effectively keeping it from We The People (I use this term to describe all good people of the world; Jesuits need not apply).

    Celestiophysics also is used by billionaires, not millionaires, to play and manipulate the markets.

    Imagine if you knew and understood the celestiophysical events that impinge Mother Earth. Now imagine that you also know the effects of those events on various cycles on earth. You could know well in advance when to bet on a market, when to pull out, and also when to manipulate or exacerbate its celestiophysical effects.

    You could clean house.

    Surely, this is not what the Austrian economists had in mind when creating their sham economic system.

    Not by far. . . .

  21. Bob Wood permalink
    October 13, 2012 4:02 pm

    i am new to your site—exactly what do you believe or what is your philosophy concerning money ,personal freedoms,the government ,the Fed , etc?

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 13, 2012 5:09 pm

      Concerning the monetary system, please have a look at Real Currencies. More generally, we believe that it an important step to expose how Money Power controls the Libertarian movement. You can always take what is good in Libertarian philosophy (not everything is bad, same as with Keynesianism or other -isms, believe it or not) and reject the rest. You are then free to choose or construct your own alternative philosophy, and hopefully one that is not simply part of another elite dialectic.

  22. October 13, 2012 4:28 pm

    what a joke

    [Can you effectively rebut any part of this article?]

  23. saturno_v permalink
    October 13, 2012 6:37 pm


    Let’s begin with the first link:

    It doesnt really adress my point other than making generic claims that people would be “conned” into gold…….however have you ever heard of the Gresham’s law??

    “Bad money drive out good”,'s_law

    A snippet of that article clarify the concept:

    “Consider a customer purchasing an item which costs five pence, who possesses several silver sixpence coins. Some of these coins are more debased, while others are less so—but legally, they are all mandated to be of equal value. The customer would prefer to retain the better coins, and so offers the shopkeeper the most debased one. In turn, the shopkeeper must give one penny in change, and has every reason to give the most debased penny. Thus, the coins that circulate in the transaction will tend to be of the most debased sort available to the parties.”

    People free will would converge to gold, no need to “con” the masses

    The second link:

    First of all one of the arguments proves my point…a true libertarianAustrian would not support fractional reserve banking (paper gold to be multiplied) but only full reserve banking…no power to inflate bubbles and asset values, no money supply to control or manipulate.

    FInally, the government still has power…the power of explicit taxation….and as a libertarian I do not envision a world without law…..fraud should be prosecuted and so environmental damage, etc…a libertarian society does not mean a lawless society….your freedom stops where mine begin….

    The third group of links, again, prove my point about “strands” of Austrianism and libertarianism.

    One of them makes a connection with Milton Friedman monetarist school…I think we can stop right there as monetarism is as much a money elitist sham as corrupted Keynesian economics is (strangely enough I support some of original Keynes ideas such as spending some honest budget surplus accumulated in good times during the lean times and Keynes clearly recognized the tragedy of currency debauchement)

    I repeat again, a true libertarian/Asutrian would not support frasctional reserve banking….do I believe that the effect of a recession is made worse with fractional reserve banking in a gold standard regime?? Absolutely!! Fractional reserve banking is fraud pure and simple.

    Mises quote:

    “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system ”

    You did not adress my point yet….how taking away from governments (owned by the power elite) the means to waging war, how taking away the possibility to inflate assets and money supply, does exactly favour the elite…just explain “the mechanics” of it to me.

    If Libertarianism/Austrian economics has so much powerful backing behind it, why still it does represent a fringe movement, at best…why famous (and paid for) economists even refuse to debate Austrian economists, why gold is dismissed without as much of a second thought by mainstream economic thinking?? The proof is in the pudding, as i said it does not pass the smell test.

    Finally, what do you guys suggest for a better system than the current one?? We are all ready to ear…..before criticizing, propose something….

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 14, 2012 5:33 am

      To avoid constantly having to repeat ourselves, we refer hardcore Austrian sympathizers to this video:

      Video: A street conversation between a Ron Paul fan and the Daily Knell

    • saturno_v permalink
      October 14, 2012 7:35 pm

      That video contain a fallacy since the first 30-40 seconds “Commercial banks creates 97% of the money supply”….there is nothing to be “created” under full reserve banking, money is not loaned into existence but it comes from previous savings.

      [Maybe under a full reserve banking, but the video is describing the current fractional reserve banking system.]

      Another fallacy is that money supply needs to grow… doesn’t…

      Gold established itself as currency thousands of years ago before banks and the goldsmith guilds…the reason are simple, rarity, divisibility, indestructibility.
      The alternative is barter.

      [We make a distinction between physical gold and gold-backed currencies]

      Do elite interests try to control every competing ideas….yes they do, this is the reason why you do not have to the the eyes off the ball… fractional reserve banking.

    • saturno_v permalink
      October 14, 2012 9:46 pm

      [Maybe under a full reserve banking, but the video is describing the current fractional reserve banking system.]

      Ron Paul does not advocate a fractional reserve banking system so the entire premise of the video is disingenuous.

      [We make a distinction between physical gold and gold-backed currencies]

      100% backed, full reserve banking are the purest (most hardcore) form of libertarianism/Austrian economics ideals….so what this blog is arguing about?

      Anything less than that is false or “massaged” libertarianism/Austrian ideology.

    • saturno_v permalink
      October 14, 2012 9:47 pm

      I concede that it may not be the most perfect system…but beats the alternatives and what we have now by a long shot……

  24. October 14, 2012 6:42 am

    A suggestion: doesn’t do any good to argue with people. Simply put out the bibliographic or video evidence and let We The People discover for themselves. Our duty as authors/researchers is to educate, not argue or preside over discontent. Takes time away from morning tea. . . .

  25. October 14, 2012 8:54 am

    By the way, in my latest book, Who Really Owns Your Gold, I do in fact offer a laundry list of suggestions for how to counter the powers that be, not to mention arm yourselves with proper knowledge and intel.

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 14, 2012 9:06 am

      Thank you for your insights and for visiting this blog.

  26. October 15, 2012 11:34 pm

    Hi Daily Knell,

    I wanted a copy of the conversation you used in the video at Is that available?

    You argue that “the power elite” hold all the … stuff we could use as commodity money … and therefore using it as money just keeps the power in their hands. I see three options: 1) we allow them to fritter it away (if they are as unproductive as I imagine), 2) we take it from them by force, or 3) we let them keep it. Do you see a fourth option?

    When paper money is backed by gold, the “interest” is paid by the owner of the gold to protect that gold from being stolen. Holding wealth has a cost, and you’re calling that interest. The main problem with debt-backed currency is not that its users have to pay interest, but that the interest can never be fully paid because the currency cannot be created except by borrowing. The “interest” (protection fee) on gold-backed currency would be payable in gold, which you can get from the earth with hard work – just like food and shelter.

    Your failure to convince me and others here seems to stem not from a lack of understanding on either side, but from an unwillingness to perceive what is hidden. Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt may help – most Austrians are already quite familiar with it. For example “money power” is never static. It dwindles as it is used. Your arguments seem to contain the premise that it is static.

    • October 16, 2012 5:15 pm

      Hi Dave, Memehunter will provide you with the text.

      the idea that ‘the holder of money pays interest’ is one of these sly wordgames that economists are famous for and which have not other aim than to obscure. Obviously this aim is achieved. In this particular instance, they are suggesting (but not explicitly stating) it is the borrower that holds the money. Also observe the important distinction between HOLD and OWN.
      The holder of money only pays interest when borrows it, not when he owns it. This, of course, is the crucial distinction. The owner of money NEVER pays interest. He RECEIVES interest, when he lends it out.

      The borrower pays and the lender receives. ‘Holding’ money as such has nothing to do with it and this word, as noted, serves only to hide the truth.

      The fact is that it is the rich that lend and the poor that borrow. The total wealth transfer from poor to rich globally through usury is anywhere between a cool 5 and 10 trillion per year.

      This is the stone cold fact facing us. Not being ‘convinced’ is usally connected with not being aware of this piece of data.

      Another problem is, that even you have not a dime in debt, you still lose 45% of your disposable assets to interest passed on by producers (who go into debt to invest) in prices.

      Many in the interest free community tend to stress what you mention also: there is not enough money to repay principal plus interest ,but as you can see the problem is far, far bigger.

      I don’t have the slightest idea what you mean with ‘money power dwindles when used’ and that it is thus ‘dynamic’. I’d be interested in some more insights into this notion, but I guess you’d have to explain away the fact that the current bunch ruling the planet through control of the Money Supply have been at it for ages. If not millennia.

    • The Daily Knell permalink*
      October 16, 2012 8:23 pm

      Here is the text of the dialogue:

      Libertarian sympathizer: Hi, I just found your blog the Daily Knell and read some articles. Interesting stuff.
      Daily Knell blogger: Thanks.
      LS: But I don’t get it. Why do you say that Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement are controlled by the elites when they are against central banking and fiat money?
      DK: Austrians always talk about “central bank printing”. But did you know that 97% of the money supply is created by commercial banks, not by central banks.
      LS: Really?
      DK: Yes, check it out.
      LS: Still, Ron Paul is right to talk about using precious metals as a basis for a sound currency.
      DK: Well, who do you think owns most of the gold?
      LS: Ummm, I guess the central banks. They have thousands of tons in their vaults.
      DK: Correct.
      LS: Probably some of these elite Money Power families as well.
      DK: That’s right. Then why would these people be afraid of going back to a gold-based currency?
      LS: Well, they cannot create money so easily if it is based on a commodity.
      DK: True. But if we are talking about a gold standard, or a gold-backed currency, then they can print a lot of paper notes, a lot more than is actually backed by metal. After all, this is why goldsmiths created gold receipts in the first place. The gold stays in the vaults, and the paper circulates. Think about it. Also, the one thing that both Austrians and mainstream economists have in common is that they both think that it is legitimate for banks to collect interest on loans.
      LS: Well, what’s wrong with that? Banks are lending their own capital. They are taking a risk and should be compensated.
      DK: In our current system, loans are created out of thin air, the minute the borrower agrees to the contract. Most credit is created by commercial banks that way.
      LS: Well, duh, that’s why Austrians want us to go back to sound money, so that these banksters can’t create it from nothing like they are doing now.
      DK: OK. But what is the difference when you borrow money under a gold standard? The bank can still print more paper than is backed by their actual gold reserves. It’s true that maybe they would have to be more careful if they cannot be bailed out by a central bank. But do you really think it is better that the money supply is under the control of the elites who hoard most of the gold, or that gold miners can influence the money supply so much?
      LS: Well, everybody is free to go and start digging their gold.
      DK: Are you sure that this is the best way to keep everyone busy? Maybe increasing the quantity of gold available overground should not be the grand goal of humanity. Let’s forget about the Annunaki fantasies.
      LS: What are you talking about? Anyway, many Austrians want a free market for currencies. They are not forcing us to use gold.
      DK: The problem with the Austrians’ free market is that what they are really proposing is the law of the jungle. Who do you think will win in their free market? It’s obvious that the Money Power elites have a huge advantage. They will just prevail over everyone else with their gold-backed currency and you will end up having to dig gold to reimburse your interest charges.
      LS: No one has to borrow money.
      DK: Actually, money is issued as interest-bearing debt-based currency, and must first be borrowed into existence. To pay the interest costs, the borrower must raise his prices. Therefore, the interest costs are indirectly transferred to the entire society.
      LS: You are describing the current fiat money system. That’s not what Austrians and Libertarians propose. Also, some Austrians are against fractional reserve banking.
      DK: Well, the gold-backed currency of the Austrians will still carry interest, right? And it still must be borrowed into existence, right?
      LS: Hmm, I’m not sure. They don’t really talk a lot about how their private currencies are issued. But I guess you are right.
      DK: Then the bankers will end up owning everything in the long run, or having everyone working for them. It does not matter if we are talking about paper, gold, fiat money issued by the government, or a gold-backed currency issued by private banks.Even under a full-reserve banking system, the bankers would end up owning everything in the long run, although it would take longer.
      LS: So you are saying that the bankers always win in the end?
      DK: As long as the currency must be borrowed into existence with interest charges, yes.
      LS: So they don’t care whether it’s gold or paper?
      DK: It doesn’t matter that much to them. Even under the Gold standard,credit created by commercial banks was the most important form of money.
      LS: Interesting, I didn’t know that. How about central banking versus private banks?
      DK: That’s a good question. See, Libertarians and Austrians are against big government. The bankers don’t like that government still has the power to create money. They would prefer to keep it all for themselves. Also, we know that Western-style democracy is a sham, but still a government is in theory accountable to its citizens. But private banks? Not so much.
      LS: I still don’t get it. You don’t see Ron Paul or Libertarianism in the mainstream a lot. If the elites wanted to promote their ideas, we should see them a lot more, no?
      DK: The thing is, the elites always work both sides. They know that there will always be people who will see through the system, so they try to make sure that they catch them before they can escape the matrix. That’s why there is always a mainstream side and an alternative side. See, I’m not just talking about the two-party system. They also control the gold versus paper dialectic: they win anyway as long as we have to borrow our money from them and we have to pay interest on it. Even more, they have been on top of the Libertarian versus Communist dialectic for centuries. They even try to control the government versus no government dialectic.
      LS: You want to tell me that Ludwig von Mises worked for the elites? Murray Rothbard? Ron Paul? Come on…
      DK: Actually, that’s true. Mises was funded by the Rockefeller and indirectly by Bernard Baruch, an agent of the Rothschild. Rothbard was sponsored by the Volker fund, and the Rockefeller were behind that outlet as well. Ron Paul is backed by Peter Thiel, a top Bilderberger. You can’t get a lot more elite than that. Check it out. It’s all online, on the Daily Knell and elsewhere. Oh, and did you know that most of the Libertarian media outlets are controlled by one company?
      LS: No. Which company?
      DK: It’s a big financial conglomerate called Agora. They are behind most of the free-market websites and hard-money newsletters you see nowadays. By the way, Agora was founded by Lord William Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson. Did you know that Rees-Mogg was also on the governing council of the BBC for a long time?
      LS: The BBC? You mean that the exact same people who are controlling the mainstream media are also controlling the Libertarian movement?
      DK: Correct.
      LS: Hmm. That’s crazy. Well, maybe you are onto something after all. When I first read your articles, I thought that you were just another bunch of statists trying to promote fiat money and central banks. Now, I see that it is more complex than that.
      DK: Exactly. We are exposing the Libertarian propaganda and their connections to Money Power, but that does not mean that we are in favor of big government, or central banks, or fiat money. We just want people to start thinking for themselves. We want to help them escape the elite dialectic.
      LS: Wow, my head is spinning. That’s a lot to think about.
      DK: Take your time.
      LS: Well, thanks for the conversation. I think I might visit your blog again. I’m still not sure I agree with you, but it’s good to hear a different viewpoint.
      DK: You’re welcome.

    • November 30, 2014 3:01 pm

      I actually found this more enrnttaieing than James Joyce.

  27. November 21, 2012 5:21 am

    I only happened to come across your blog by a chance Google search and – I LIKE IT !

    Speaking of Lard William Rees-Mogg and BBC pedophiles such as the recently exposed Jimmy Savile,it should be noted that David Marchant of the old or kyc website did an article some years back that must still be available on his pay per view ‘service’ regarding the Lard William Rees-Mogg who is,as you’ve pointed out,involved with CIA connected stock fraudsters and money launderers of Agora Inc.,Baltimore and world wide internet,that named a publishing company Mogg was involved with that promoted prostitution and, I believe, child pornography in Eastern European countries.I posted a part of that article but can’t seem to find it and the site it was on disappeared it.I would contact Marchant for another copy since the one I posted on the Genemax’s penny stock promotion board has somehow disappeared but unfortunately Mr.Marchant went berserkers and attacked me on his website and deleted a number of my posts several years ago just before shutting his entire public message board site down.
    Still he now has most of my old comments-posts online.
    For the very reason that the Lard Rees-Mogg’s Agora Inc financial crime partner and co-publisher, James Dale Davidson who, as you know,is founder of both Agora Inc as well as the NTU or National Taxpayers,(or tax dodgers), Union in Alexandria, Virginia has made so much effort in recent years to spread the rumor that he is married to a ‘Miss Brazil’,(whose name he doesn’t mention),I have wondered if this was a cover particularly because it appears an ex Maryland congressman who is part of their crime family was involved in a homosexual pedophilia scandal,in the 1980’s,I have have suspected that whole group to be possible pedophiles.
    As an aside it may be that Agora Inc of Baltimore also has a Rothschild connection not only because the Lard Rees-Mogg is very Rothschild connected but also because of various companies I have recently come across with Rothschild connections that also use ‘Agora’ as their title as does an Norway connected offshore oil company recently sold by a Rothschild concern.I am suspicious that Agora S.A. that owns the largest newspaper in Poland may also have a connection to either Agora Baltimore or Agora Rothschild or, of course,both.
    You are so correct about gold and how outrageous of these so called ‘libertarians’ who complain so about government intervention to actually want government to insure their own gold speculations by backing it ! If they could ONLY back their own currencies !Better to give welfare to the needy than for government to insure the price of gold for the wealthy !
    And in light of Ron Paul’s Gold Corp investments,he should be paying restitution to the Maya people of Guatemala for the rape of their land that would not be economically
    viable mining had not the elites touted gold ‘o da monn’ like so many worthless penny stocks they have also pumped and dumped.Uh,and speaking of Ron Paul or whoever he is,who claims his grandfather came from Germany – well it recently occured to me the
    ‘Paul’ is NOT exactly a German name.So that begs the question of what was his grandfather REAL name when he arrived in America ?
    And finally,thanks or pointing out Ludwig Von Mises’ Rothschild connections which is what I suspected.I will return and read more asap.Also a while back James Dale Davidson’s replacement to head the NTU or National Taxpayers Union in Alexandria, Virginia died mysteriously and the only,uh,explanation I ever found was that some uinidentified NTU employees or whatever found him ‘in peace’ at his residence.Do you have any idea what would of caused to to die ‘in peace’ ?
    Founded in 2004 by senior bankers Rothschild office in Colombia, Agora has advised major Colombian companies, multinationals and government of Colombia in a high number of complex transactions.

    In the last five years has advised sellers, buyers and potential investors in many of the most important transactions in the Colombian market, including the merger of the Terpel with Terpel Antioquia, Terpel Bucaramanga, Terpel North Terpel Terpel West and South, the sale 13.4% of Banco Popular, selling Granbanco in merger and Gazel Terpel Organization (formerly GNC), the purchase of Carulla Vivero, buying Éxito control, selling Fenoco, the El Dorado airport concession The valuation for regulatory purposes of EPSA, CETSA, Bancolombia, and Conavi Corfinsura, Sidelpa Pavco and Diaco, the acquisition by Terpel service station in Ecuador and Panama, among others.

    In recent years, Agora has been among the first investment banks in M & Colombia. See Money magazine ranking

    Agora S.A. – Polish media company,0.html
    Newspapers. Agora publishes „Gazeta Wyborcza” – the largest opinion making newspaper in Poland, “Metro” – the largest free newspaper in Poland and popular …

  28. February 18, 2015 8:40 am

    Nonsense. Most of these people cited aren’t even pledged Libertarians. For more on world Libertarians see

  29. ey.tsujimoto permalink
    March 22, 2016 5:22 pm

    Your research was an eye- opener for me. I have read many articles from most of the men you have mentioned. Thank you so much for all you have done. There is one economist/lawyer /advisor to governments, including CIA, etc. that was not mentioned. His name is James Rickards. Is he another one who is related or connected to the Elites???


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